The Best And Natural Treatments For Depression

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Sarvenaz Soltani Psychology 100 4/11/17 YOGA, ONE OF THE BEST AND NATURAL TREATMENTS FOR DEPRESSION Abstract Depression (Major Depressive disorder) is a very common medical disease that a lot of people suffer from, the symptoms of this illness are feeling extremely sad, alone, worthless, you will have trouble sleeping or you over sleep, not wanting to be involved in any social activities, or any activities, over eating or not wanting to eat, and sometimes even thought of death or suicide, all these symptoms will have a huge negative effect on your daily life including work, school and at home, luckily it is treatable with natural and un-natural treatments. One of the most important causes of depression is caused by stress. Studies have…show more content…
Stress and depression are linked, stress plays the key factor in depression. “When stress is perceived as uncontrollable, behavioral deficits occur, termed “learned helplessness”. In these situations, animals and people no longer attempt to cope with the stressor, even if the stressor becomes controllable.” (Patricia Anne Kinser) How Yoga can incorporate with treating depression is very important, depression has many ways of treatment, but because one of the key elements of depression is stress and Yoga tends to take the stress away, therefor, yoga can be a very effective treatment for depression. “Yoga is an ancient holistic health system that originated in India around 2000 BCE”. (Patricia Anne Kinser) Yoga is a well-accepted practice in the United States and its known for focusing on your mind and body to relax it, meditate it and practice breathing deeply to help your body relax very naturally, positive thinking is also another key element of Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the most common yoga practice which has three elements: physical poses, called asanas; controlled breathing practiced in conjunction with asanas; and it is a discipline of physical, mental and spiritual practices. Another important reason for practicing yoga is that it is also therapeutic for back and neck pain and of course in this case depression. This practice is a common complementary therapy since it doesn’t
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