The Best Days Of My Life

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Hanging with my grandmother are some the best days of my life. I remember when I felt sick in school my mom and dad could not pick me up, so my grandma left work to come and pick me up. My Grandma made me feel better, she cooked for me and we both shared some laughs. Looking back on those days, I can see just how amazing my gram truly is, but I know that every day in life can 't be a sunny and pain free. Recently I interviewed my grandma. We talked about her life from childhood to adulthood, also we spoke on some of her adversities in life. After speaking with my grandma I did research on her adversity. Initially, I sat down and interviewed my Grandma which she talks about her life from different aspect including her childhood, college years, education, and her employment. My Grandma told me that she does office work and is a secretary. She has done office work for over twenty years and that is what she currently does for a living. She really enjoys her job in the office. When asked what do you find rewarding about your professional life she replied with an eager smile , “ I find being able to help other people the most rewarding thing about my professional life, because I enjoy helping people anyway I can”. I remember on a christmas sometime ago she had a gift sent to her home from one of her clients on her doorstep with a letter for her saying how much she changed a young mans life who was dealing with a death in his family. After that question I asked her what things

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