The Best Practices For Using Tuition Assistance Essay

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OBJECTIVE: To determine the best practices for using tuition assistance/reimbursement as a healthcare recruiting and retention tool. Challenges: DHEC is currently struggling to recruit and retain health care employees. DHEC has difficulties differentiating itself from other health care competitors. DHEC cannot compete with private sector in terms of salary and compensation. DHEC currently does not provide career advancement opportunities. Due to these problems DHEC suffers the costs associated with employee turnover. Solution: The use of a tuition reimbursement program to address these challenges will result in high-performing, engaged and loyal employees that provide DHEC with a competitive advantage in the healthcare sector. Tuition Reimbursement Assumptions: Tuition assistance should: #1 Enhance DHEC’s retention strategy because employees now understand that the organization values their development and contributions. Enhance overall strategic talent and human capital objectives due to an increase in employee engagement and a “self-selection” model of staffing, in which people who participate in tuition assistance are likely to be more ambitious and interested in self-development. Increase opportunity for career mobility/promotion of employees from within due to new skills and perspectives gained through external education. Support DHEC’s learning and development strategy due to an increased desire among participants for additional responsibility within the

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