The Best Time Of My Life

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The Best Time of My Life! The best time of my life was when I went to a park in Cancun, Mexico. It started when my family and I were at the hotel. My three uncles, my aunt, my grandparents, my parents and my little brother were having a very good time. Their was a lot of fun things to do at the three Cancun palaces. You could go swimming in the salty ocean or the very blue pool, play soccer on the beach, play miniature golf or real golf, and bicycling. After three or four days doing a lot of fun activities at the resort we decided to use our credits to go somewhere fun like a water park. After a while we decided to go to Xplor, one of the newest parks in Cancun. The next day we woke up very early in the morning to go get good seats on the bus. It was going to take about an hour to get the park. “Hey are ready to have extreme fun”. “Yes” my brother said. “I think I will have more fun than you.” “No you won’t and we will just have to see.” When we entered we knew the fun was going to begin. When we arrived there we changed into our swimming clothes, and we started deciding what to do first. There was six things to do at the park, regular ziplining, hamic ziplining, four wheel driving, cave kayaking, cave swimming, and exploring the caves. First we decided to explore the caves. When we entered the caves they looked amazing. The caves were

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