The Best War Ever Analysis

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Movements, such as Progressivism, altered the course of American lives significantly. Early in the 1900s, the Progressive movement became characterized by a fusion of beliefs working toward the improvement of society. According to David J. Goldberg in Discontented America, these reformers urged the recognition of the common American individual, and focused on issues “…including the exploitation of female and child wage earners, unsanitary working conditions, the growth of urban slums, corrupt politics, and the abuse of giant corporations…”. He also denoted that progressives perceived government as their greatest tool in fixing this broken and evil society. They advocated the increase in state power because they objected that it was necessary…show more content…
The act of exaggerating and adding enhancing emotion to certain past events or portions of them produces fictitious stories that become unreliable and impractical to current history education. Affirmed by Michael Adams in The Best War Ever, a myth is of benefit to society when they properly represent the facts (Loc 2806). For instance, nowadays representation of American heroes is abundantly embellished as it is in the case of Abraham Lincoln, who continues to be remembered as the chief in slavery abolishment, but his actual intentions in ending slavery are not always stressed. Furthermore, breakthroughs in science or technology have become an important part of American history, but the over-emphasis on these discoveries is a shiny glaze over the specifics on how they were actually accomplished or the potential consequences they can have in America or the whole world. Without, or partially, knowing the background can either influence, positively or negatively, the acceptance or reaction of the public. Advertising has also altered life and created many myths. For instance, the portrayal of people indulging in shopping for the latest trend or a recognized brand, appears to symbolize power and be the way to achieve happiness,…show more content…
One cannot truly comprehend or appreciate American life unless that person recognizes how it all came together. Past experiences and learning about history can certainly help improve life and decision making. But to fully benefit and grow personally from knowledge of history, one must be informed in all of its aspects, good and bad. Therefore, priorities, when writing and teaching history include doing so in an unbiased way, focused equally on both the accomplishments and failures and stressing how myths can be misleading in learning the truth. As time has elapsed, the historical events mentioned throughout have reshaped the American Nation from corner to corner. These happenings serve to compose the stories being heard by many and shaping society today. New history is being created at this moment. Therefore, it becomes imperative to attain an adept understanding of the influence of past events to appreciate completely the evolution and constant renovation of American
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