The Best Way to Deal with Adversity Is through Religion

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For some people its boxing to save their life, and for others its as simple as getting out of bed. Everybody faces different kinds of adversity in their lives and they conquer these in different ways. Some people never face the adversity they are presented with while others can't wait to have it gone. Adversity is the challenges and difficulties people face in their lives. Adversity could be as simple as deciding what you want to eat for lunch, or as complicated as trying to save one’s life. But no matter what level of adversity, it is, you need to find a way to get past it. Some people choose to take a physical approach, such as things like fighting or physically moving something in your way. Other people choose to take a different…show more content…
When religion is shown in this book, it is shown through the many gods that the African tribes praise. They make sacrifices to their gods to show loyalty and to receive a good year for the crops to grow. Ezeani a priest in the village tells Okonkwo “We live in peace with our fellows to honor our great goddess of the earth without whose blessing our crops will not grow” (Achebe 30). Ezeani tells Okonkwo this after he beats his wife during the week of peace. He is forced to make a sacrifice to show the god of the earth his respect. This passage shows how the people of this village and culture turn to their gods to give them good crops. They turn to religion to help them in times of adversity and hardship. The main reason for religion in this African culture is to give them good crops and good life. Another example of the village making a sacrifice to help with adversity is during the feast of the new yam. New yams could not be eaten until some had first been offered to these powers known as their gods. These people of the African villages in this book turn to religion to help them through times of adversity such as a drought or a bad growing season. Adversity is different for all and they ways people use religion to get past it change as well. This is shown greatly throughout the novel Things Fall Apart, and it goes to support my thesis on the best way to face adversity is through religion. The

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