The Between Domestic And International Affairs

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Globalization, or the act of quickly moving toward Interconnectedness throughout the world, is controversial and sparks arguments that it is destroying the nation-state because the governments are losing their control. New global politics are arising where there is no difference between domestic and international affairs. Non-governmental organizations have helped with global connectedness by connecting people throughout the world. International organizations like the International Money Fund have shown the growth of worldwide rules and regulations. The world has come to have interdependence between nation-states, where an event that happens somewhere else could still have a great impact on us. Time space compression or deterritorialization are other terms that can be used in place of globalization, meaning that social activities are stretching across the world and that territories and locality doesn’t matter anymore. This globalization process, where different communities basically merge in a sense, is similar to internalization, where nations are dependent on each other but still keep their borders and identities. In some places, communities aren’t included in globalization due to lack of wealth and disconnect with the rest of the world. These communities experience uneven globalization. Some view globalization as entirely Western and are afraid of imperialism and the eradication of their culture. The Westphalia Peace Treaties established in 1649 have been responsible for

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