The Between Europeans And Native Americans

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The interactions between Europeans and Native Americans have not always been positive. There are numerous difference that interactions between the two groups. Europeans were known as a group that during the 16th and 17th century, made a great deal of change with their religious views. They were once without religion, but were known to turn to sects like Christianity and Puritanism. The Native Americans were a group known to be without religion. These people did not believe it one God and a book to follow. They believed in various higher beings that oversaw things like hunting, crops and sacrifices. These spirits didn’t represent a sense of hope or something to look forward as did being a Christian. William Bradford and Mary White Rowlandson were two religious people who came from England to the new world in order to seek new opportunities in their religious pilgrimage. Upon their arrival to Massachusetts, they lived in settlements were next to Native establishments. Both women told stories of the horrors that the Natives put upon them. William Bradford’s belief is Puritanism lead him on a voyage with others to Massachusetts. His encounter with the Natives, although not completely negative, was bias based on his beliefs. In England, the social structure was completely different then that of the Native Americans. In Chapter XIV, Bradford noted different customs he noticed that the Natives portrayed. The natives shared land among each other. The chief was said to assign land
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