The Big Bang Theory Of Sarcasm

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1. Chin's main point about sarcasm is that it is very useful and that it is an necesary tool to understanding each other, especially in our culture. Chin says, "Sarcasm detection is an essential skill if one is going to function in a modern society dripping with irony." The people that can't detect sarcasm are socially inept, so to speak, because they will take what is said at face value, instead of understanding the nuances of what isn't being said. 2. Sarcasm is a neurological ability, not just a style of talking that some people use. It takes more brain power to percieve irony than regular conversation does. Like mental bodybuilding, it forces the brain to extend itself to understand what the truth is behind the sarcasm. The article states that, "Sarcasm seems to exercise the brain more than sincere statements do. Scientists who have monitored the electrical activity of the brains of test…show more content…
Someone who can not understand sarcasm can stand out from others in social situations, like the character Sheldon Cooper on the tv show The Big Bang Theory. Although his character is a genius, he has to work harder to understand some of the most basic interactions between the other characters. The ability to detect sarcasm is a natural occurence in most people from ages as young as four years old. People that are unable to detect sarcasm may be autistic, have had brain injuries or lesions, or be schizophrenic. Dementia can cause a person to lose the ability to detect sarcasm and may be one of the early signs of the disease. 4. In Greek, sarcasm means "to tear flesh like dogs." Another way to say this would be that the mean, cutting remarks of sarcasm can hurt someone. An example would be when someone is being sarcastic, but the intention of the remark is to hurt or demean the person it is being said to. People that are trying to percieve themselves to be more popular than they are might be more prone to this, as a defense mechanism against what others might think about
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