The Big Decisions Affecting Our Financial Markets

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Better Markets is the voice of the people in the most important decisions about our financial markets. We are working for a balanced economy—one in which those who make and enforce the rules are thinking about the wallets, homes and dreams of the majority of Americans. As a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization, we seek action on Wall Street and in Washington, DC, that expands security, opportunity and prosperity for all. We do this by: • Analyzing. Better Markets’ team of financial experts conducts research and issues reports and briefings about the big decisions affecting our financial markets. • Educating. We educate elected officials, office-seekers and others about the issues so they understand the impact of laws and policies on the American public—and hold them accountable when they don’t keep their promises. • Balancing. We insist on fair media coverage that holds Wall Street and public officials accountable for the impact their actions have on ordinary Americans. • Advocating. Better Markets takes positions on regulatory proposals, personnel and legislation that put the public interest first. We issue comment letters, speak at hearings and meet with regulators and lawmakers. We also work in the courts, filing amicus briefs and motions and testifying in cases about market rules and legislation. And we work to ensure that qualified, ethical candidates are put in positions to oversee and enforce rules and regulations that impact Americans’ financial
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