The Big Five Dimensions Of Traits

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1.What are the Big five dimensions of traits? Answer:The Big Five dimensions of traits are (1) surgency, (2) agreeableness, (3) adjustment, (4) conscientiousness, and (5) openness to experience. 2.What is the primary use of personality profiles? Answer:The personality profile. Specific stronger and weaker that will help you to match. Who is the best suit the strengths of their personality. 3.What are some of the traits that describe the high-energy trait? AnswerSome of the characteristics that describe the characteristics of high energy and drive the strength endurance of the stress, enthusiasm, patience, for frustration and attempt. 4.Is locus of control important to leaders? Why? Answer:Yes.Locus control is important because the…show more content…
7.Does McClelland believe that power is good or bad? Why? Answer:McClelland doesn 't believe the powers themselves.Whether it is good or bad, it is a method that is used is important to personal power is not good because it is applied to personal interests at the expense of others.Social power is a good thing, because it is used to help ourselves and others. 8.Should a leader have a dominant need for achievement to be successful? Why or why not? Answer:The leader In General ,it must be necessary for the success of the medium. People with a high need for achievement are more likely to seek the success of each and when they are not interested in leadership opportunities for personal power. 9.How do attitudes develop leadership styles? Answer:Our attitude toward self and others influence our leadership style into four catagories: (1) Theory Y attitudes with a positive self-concept, (2) Theory Y attitudes with a negative self-concept, (3) Theory X attitudes with a positive self-concept, and (4) Theory X attitudes with a negative self-concept. 10.Which personality traits are more closely related to ethical and unethical behavior? Answer:A group that has the personality traits sergeancy. There are two alternatives to using the powers for personal benefit or use of the powers Parties to power and has a conscience that has high achievement, some people will use the wrong unethical behavior.There are also people who lack
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