The Biological And Physiological Characteristics Between Men And Women

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Mars and Venus Sex refers to the biological and physiological characteristics between men and women, assigning them a role in reproduction, while gender refers to behaviors, roles, expectations, and activities in society that are culturally and socially constructed differences between males and females. Sex refers to male or female, while gender refers to masculine or feminine. Moreover, the differences in the sexes do not vary throughout the world, but differences in gender do. One is able to see such differences throughout various elements of society such as through mass media and objects. To explain these sex and gender differences one must understand the three main sociological perspectives, which include, structural functionalist, …show more content…

This process occurs universally and can be found in mass media, for example through Disney.
Disney teaches young children about what it means to be a male or female. Most people, if not all, have been raised on Disney movies without being aware of the impact that it has on them. Disney does a great job at shaping kids’ minds by teaching them about gender roles. In other words, gender roles are what allow one to allude to certain attitudes or behaviors that result in providing one with a certain stereotypical identity. Moreover, Disney deals with schooling young boys and girls on how to act and behave based on their gender. For example, in many Disney movies one can see that there is a pattern presented to young girls on how being slim, with a tiny waist, long eyelashes, big breast, and white skin is what makes up a women, as illustrated with Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”. Likewise, Disney serves as a teacher to young boys. Throughout its movies Disney constructs the ideal man, also known as a prince, to one that is important, rich, attractive, famous, and charming, making men appear superior to women, thus influencing young boys to aim for such an unrealistic individuality. Also, like young girls, young boys are being taught that being masculine means to be strong, muscular, and of course,

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