The Birth Of A New Era

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It’s the birth of a new era; the time when the individuals known as Generation X are slowly losing interest and significance in politics and society, yet also the time when the early Millennials are growing up, and are beginning to make their mark on society with their new ideas and philosophies. The Feminist Movement is in full swing, and making excellent points, one of the most controversial being about traditional gender roles, and how they were established. Many believe that girls and boys all around the world are born with the instinct to act feminine, or masculine; to play with dolls and to build with bricks. When I mentioned these actions, there is no doubt that a certain gender is automatically associated to each action. The reason is believed to be purely genetic; boys are born to like boy things, and vice versa. The Feminist Movement is making a different statement, however. Feminists and educated individuals are beginning to insist that gender roles are not simply understood from birth, we are beginning to understand much of what we know is taught to us, even what is typical for a little boy, or a little girl. A fantastic argument was written by author Katha Pollitt recently, in an article titled “Why Boys Don’t Play With Dolls.” Pollitt, like many feminists and believers out there, don’t buy the science-oriented explanation behind traditional gender roles. She and many others believe that what we as a society embrace as the “gender norms,” are forced upon us,
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