The Birth Of The Monastic Movement Affect Augustine 's Thinking About Marriage

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• Augustine- Born in North Africa, becomes the bishop of Hippo and writes the confessions
• Monica- Augustine’s mother and a devoted Christian
• Adeodatus- He was a “gift from God” and was very unhappy when he lost his partner after 13 years
• Manicheism- a new religion, Augustine became part of this religion when he was about 20 years old.
• Elect- Special people were vegetarians and are certain fruits and vegetables.
• Hearers- People that were forbidden from the Elects.
• Ambrose of Milan- a Christian bishop and also a provincial governor.
• Donatists- were the opponents of Caecilian
• original sin- The idea that Adam and Eve ruined the human nature.
• Pelagius- Is a monk that is from Britain and went to Rome.
• Predestination- The idea that God damned people before hand.
Respond to the Following questions 1 to 2 full paragraphs each:

1. How did the rise of the monastic movement affect Augustine 's thinking about marriage in his Confessions? The monastic movement was questioning if it was the right thing to do, leaving the city to follow the Christian faith. The main idea that was on Christians minds was of sex, marriage, property and a career. Augustine wants to be baptized under the Christian faith when he was 33 years old because he made the decision that he was going to renounce about marriage and a successful career. When he wrote in his book the Confessions being married “Christians seemed like a pale approximation of authentic Christianity.”( The Christian

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