Un Fallible Seducer-He Wins The Soul

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Augustine was a faithful believer in Christ. He was constantly surveying the Lords movement within the Catholic Church. Moreover, He felt that the invisible church body were true Christians and they did not follow any other idea outside of the ministry that he objected to such as the Donatist.
Those seeking the truth of the Lord even outside of the church will receive him and the true seekers of the truth are the true Christian.

The condition of the heart in the church operates in this manner, and I quote from Lane, “We cannot distinguish the true from the false”. (Lane, pg.50)

An example of this behavior would be about baptism. A believer would say Yes to be washed from sin. Consequently, another in the congregation would say they believe
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God gives grace,” Not all believe “(Lane,50-51). Lane wrote that Augustine believed and said, “Many non-believers can make the first move, and by free will accept God.” (Lane, pg.50)

Lane wrote, “God is a un fallible seducer- he wins the soul”. (Lane, pg.51)

Furthermore, Augustine had compared the people within his congregation to Jesus parable the Wheat and the tare because he believed the congregation was mixed with the true believers and non-believers but really, he couldn’t judge from the wheat or the tare God only knew the individuality of the people’s heart. He wasn’t going to uproot the wheat while focusing on uprooting the tare. Who is to say what is wheat and what is tare? Only Jesus knew so why uproot what you can’t see, and this is Augustine’s understanding.

Lastly, Jesus’s belief and Augustine doctrine are helpful in realizing that we the Church do not attend to accuse our brethren of being unholy. The church is a refuge, not a space to point the finger and say what row is going to hell or what row is on the way to heaven. We are there to hear about the Lord and Jesus says do not try to uproot the tare it could harm the
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