The Birth Of The Pregnancy

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In this case theirs a couple the Rackley’s they want to become parents. Both Rufus and Rebecca have good sperm and eggs but unfortunately during her early years of life Rebecca had an accident and their for she is not able to carry a baby to full term in her body. The Rackley’s and their doctor come up with another solution, where they would fertilize Rebecca’s eggs with Rufus’s sperm and them surgically implant the eggs into a surrogate mother of the Rackley’s choice where that mother will carry the baby to full term then give up all rights to the child after the birth. After weighing their options the Rackley’s interviewed several women and found a woman Maxine a healthy woman in her early 30’s who is in a happy marriage and has a 3 year old son of her own in the 11th week of the pregnancy Maxine’s doctor notices two complications . The first complication is that the fetus is showing abnormalities that will alter their health and how long the child will be alive witch they predict will only be about 20 years or less and in the course of said years the child will need constant medical attention and will be in continuous pain. The second problem is that Maxine has developed high blood pressure and hypertension, a condition that if she was to carry the baby to full term will leave her physically impaired. Maxine’s doctor and husband advise her to abort the pregnancy but The Rackley’s the actual parents of the fetus do not believe in abortion and Maxine has signed a contract

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