The Birth Of The United States

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The birth of The United States of America brought together a very diverse group of people. All of these people belonged to eleven different nations. Each nation had a very different culture it was known for. However, one similarity between the majority of these nations is that they aligned themselves with one of two political parties. These parties were based off the cultures of the two major nations: Yankeedom and the Deep South. In American Nations, Colin Woodard explains how Yankeedom and the Deep South struggled for power in the past and will continue to in the future. Yankeedom and the Deep South had cultures with completely opposite views on many social issues. The two nations’ core beliefs were completely contradictory. This and the fact that they were part of the same country, meaning they had to for the most part abide to the same laws, obviously led to a large amount of conflict. One of Yankeedom’s most fundamental ideas was that government should help better everyones lives. This was mostly in the form of services to society. Woodard said this of Yankeedom. “A moralistic nation of churches and school houses, where each community functioned as its own self-governing republic… (Woodard 57)” They also believed strongly in equality for all men. This belief was born from the people of Yankeedom’s past who were unfairly prosecuted against in England. They were against one of the Deep South’s core characteristics for this reason. That was the right to own slaves. The

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