The Black-Latino Alliance During the Obama Administration Essay

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In 2008, African-American presidential nominee Barack Obama garnered 67% of the Latino vote. In his bid for re-election, President Barack Obama acquired 71% of the Latino vote (Pew Research Center). With these statistics in mind, one can conclude that there has been a consistent growing pattern of continued co-operation between blacks and Latinos at the national level. This is in complete contrast however, to the mindset of some observers who believed that Latinos would not come out in the numbers they did because of racial bias and because of the fact that Obama received much less support amongst Latinos in the democratic primaries when faced against Hilary Clinton (Hero & Preuhs, p.3). Many people mistakenly thought this to be so because …show more content…

This is due to several reasons. The first and most important reason is that both these groups have shared the American experience as minorities in quite the same fashion. For example, blacks and Latinos both faced internal colonialism. This is why they have till this day been subordinate to the white race. As Cesar Chavez once said, “our separate struggles are really one. A struggle for freedom, for dignity, and for humanity” (Chavez, quoted in Hero & Preuhs, p.10). For example, as mentioned in the introduction, “both blacks and Latinos have higher unemployment rates than whites. Both groups are two to three times more likely to live in poverty as whites. And finally, black and Latino students are more likely to drop out of high school and less likely to score well on standardized tests than white non-Hispanic students” (Hero & Preuhs, p.10). And so this is the primary reason as to why both blacks and Latinos support the same policy agenda which in turn has led to the formation of coalitions between blacks and Latinos. For example, the Rainbow coalition (led by high-profile leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez) became a common term for multiracial coalitions in American Politics which advocated health, social, political, and economic policy benefits to alleviate the disadvantages shared by both groups (Hero & Preuhs). Some examples of landmark policies that are important to that of blacks and Latinos

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