The Generation Of Hispanic Leaders

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mission of CHCI is to develop the next generation of Latino leaders. How can leadership be developed within the Latino community? What current Latino leaders are making a difference in your state or community?

The presence of Latino leaders in all levels of government is necessary in order to have advocates who will represent the needs of the Latino community. Although the Latino population is on the rise and quickly becoming one of the largest ethnic minorities in the United States, the ethnic and racial backgrounds of leaders in government positions are not reflective of our nation’s diversity. Leadership can be developed within the Latino community by individuals who are active participants, have strong roots in their community, and …show more content…

Raised in Arvin and one of my former classmates, Gurrola comes from a family of Mexican immigrants and understands the disparities my community faces. In an effort to increase access to higher education, Gurrola contributed to the passage of a county proposition allocating funds to establish a community college campus in Arvin. Additionally, he has collaborated with community organizations by increasing access to clean drinking water and has demonstrated support towards immigrant rights when announcing the city would not use its resources to enforce deportation orders.
As a result of his election, Mayor Gurrola has worked to unite my community and encourage youth participation in the process. Following his example, Arvin’s city council has seen the addition of three young Latinas who also ran for city government positions with the vision to improve our community. With their leadership, the mayor and city council members of Arvin have provided residents with a platform to voice their opinions and increase civic participation. Overall, these leaders have used their political role for the public good by taking the initiative to improve the living conditions of Latino residents in the community of Arvin.
2) Please discuss a current public policy issue that is relevant and timely for the Latino community and explain why this is important to the nation.


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