The Black Slave Trade By Marcus Rediker

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“Black slave-trade. Was it worth it? Was it profitable? Was it dehumanizing? Or was it nothing more than a simple means in which to control a people group in its entirety; a way for white people to become lazy; or just a brutality woven through humankind like no other. Marcus Rediker’s The Slave Ship-A Human History Provides grueling personal narratives of “black slaves” that experienced the cross-Atlantic trade; detailed explanations and descriptions of the functions, focusing specifically on the ships and their travels as a pose to the more broadly studied “plantation lives” of the slaves in The New World.
Atlantic slave trade from the fifteenth century and partially illegally through the nineteenth century, has always been a very ambiguous and controversial topic in North America and all around the world, and even in the modern world continues to perplex the minds of every individual. In schools and educations all around the world focus nearly too much on the brutality and evil treatment of the “black slaves”, and forget to mention the traveling of the slaves. The slave ships not only globally the general economy of the world but also played a role on spreading a sort of worldwide communism, at the ships’ most basic functions transporting the slaves, spreading cultures and foods, and finally and arguably the most important the slave ship prepared the slaves for their inevitable life on the plantations. The conditions on board of the slave ship show great proof

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