The Blind Side

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Sociological Perspective of the Blind Side Social problems within our society continue to arise. In an ideal world, it is appropriate to say that as individuals we all wish to live life in peace. Unfortunately, getting a whole nation to come to a consensus is nearly impossible. Social problems are controversial societal or behavioral related issues, which can affect the environment, people and social institutions (Leon-Guerrero 2013). These social problems can range from global concerns to racial issues such as discrimination and through our sociological imagination we are able to differentiate problems using our own discretion (Leon-Guerrero 2013). Choosing a movie to analyze from a sociological perspective was an interesting…show more content…
Prior to Michael attending WCS, he was attending schools that provided him with "a very poor quality of education," and this could have been due to him being of a lower class (Hancock, The Blind Side 2009). His mother was a drug addict unable to care for her kids leaving which left Michael homeless because he kept running away from the foster homes. When thinking of social problems many can agree that many problems arise because of inequality. Not only in the United States but globally people are ranked and categorized based on their wealth, which is "the assets owned by a household" (Leon -Guerrero,2013, p.37). This goes beyond receiving a good education and having a good paying job. Though one may earn their income by having a successful career, wealth is sometimes passed down by generations. The individuals in this category live a fairly comfortable life "passing class status along to their children" (Leon-Guerrero,2013, p.39). Sean Tuohy is a businessman who owns several taco bell companies; he has the ideal family, a wife and two children. They are upper class and their wealth is evident through their material possessions, the Tuohy family lives a lavish lifestyle apparent by the size of their house and the kind of cars they drive. Sociologically, this can be classified as a privilege, being that Sean Tuohy is a businessman it grants his children a better advantage over those with lower economic status because of their fathers ranking in society.

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