The Board Of Directors : Executive Officer

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1. Introduction of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is a group that is constituted by some members who are chosen by the stakeholders of the company. This group stands for the stakeholders to set up the policies that related to corporate governance of the company and to make some important decisions on long-term strategies, such as the employ or dismissal of administrators, dividend policies and establish of committees. It is obligate for every public company to build a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is usually constituted by various members:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
The CEO is the highest superior director of a company. The responsibilities of CEO are to make long-term decisions, to control all of operations and resources in a company and to carry out a company’s advanced strategies. The CEO also have to communicate between the board and the executives. The CEO is normally one of the board members.

The Chairman is the leader of the Board of Directors, and he represents the profit of shareholders. The Chairman takes charge of the board or committee meetings and makes sure of the order of meetings, moreover, only the Chairman can hire or fire the CEO of a company and company’s employees. However, the Chairman do not manage directly the operations of company and cannot dismissal the members of the Board.

Executive Directors
The Executive Director is one of the members of the Board and also is part of the executive group. The duties…
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