The Board Of Education For The City Of Brooklyn

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The Board of Education dates back to 1842. According to the New York City Department of Records, the Board of Education was known as the Board of Education of the City of Brooklyn from 1853 – 1897 ( During that time period, records documented educational policy, and school system administration. The Board of Education underwent several transformations. Although the school system as stated by the Department of Records ( was known as the Board of Education of the city of Brooklyn, there were also boards in the borough of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Richmond.
Consolidation of the boards occurred from 1898 – 1901. At that time a central board was established, superintendents of schools, school regulations, and …show more content…

The Board of Education was under Chancellor, Harvey Scribner, who started the process of working out the responsibilities of the central board, community districts, teachers, along with parents and students. Chancellors served to monitor the workings of the board members and the 32 districts. However, in 2002 the New York City Board of Education went under mayoral control and became the New York City Department of Education. The City of New York and the appointed chancellor controls all public schools in the five boroughs. The Mayor Controls the Department of Education. The appointed chancellor and deputies oversee the operations of the Department of Education. ( Schools are no longer under the jurisdiction of a district office. Although districts are no longer in existence, schools are still identified by their designated districts (i.e.; 17K246).
The New York City Department of Education vision is that education is the committed to working collaboratively with parents, families, educators and communities to improve student achievement, and ensure that every child graduates from high school prepared for college, a career and a future as a productive adult ( Each school in the NYC Department of education is responsible for the creation of their vision or mission. Walt Whitman Middle School mission statement affirms that” its mission is to create an environment that emphasizes academic excellence and fosters lifelong

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