Justice System in Ancient Greece as Portrayed in Homer's Odyssey

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Justice in our times is almost completely different from what the ancient Greeks considered as justice. Justice, today can be defined as the quality of being just, the principle of moral rightness. In the ancient Greek era and most certainly during the time when the story of the Odyssey happened; Justice was frequently instantaneous and severe, almost unswerving. Odysseus is sometimes seen as being the one carrying out justice or being the one affected by justice. In the Odyssey, we see justice as revenge, and areas in which we can use to say that Odysseus is a just man.
An incident of justice is seen in book nine, when The Cyclops traps Odysseus and his men in a cave and eats a few of his men. When Cyclops when out with his sheep, …show more content…

Part of this reasoning is that the suitors do not respect his home and the people in it. They entered his residence lacking any respect for the Odysseus; also they are there for the wealth and riches of Odysseus's home. This is clearly seen when Penelope addresses the suitors, listen to me, you suitors, “You who plague this palace night and day, drinking, eating us out of house and home with the lord and master absent, gone so long—the only excuse that you offer is your zest to win me as your bride” (21.79-83). Penelope then brings out the bow of Odysseus as a prize in which the suitors will contend for her. Odysseus seeing his wife beseeching the men who disrespect his home to merely be with her is good enough intentions why Odysseus' fury is justified. Furthermore, another supporting reason is that the suitors were planning on killing Telemachus, Odysseus son “the suitors boarded now and sailed the sea-lanes, plotting in their hearts Telemachus’ plunge to death” (4.947-948) when he returns from his voyage. Even Athena believes the suitors deserve justice; she even voices her concern “Those men who court your wife and waste your goods? I have a feeling some will splatter your ample floors with all their blood and brains” (13.451-453).

Again, Odysseus can be seen as a just man

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