The Bombing Of The United States Essay

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Whenever Al-Qaeda is mentioned in the United States, terrorist attacks flush in people`s mind. The organized crime group poses a threat to this country. The history of this threat dates back to the year 1998 when Al- Qaeda pioneered the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es Salam (Tanzania). As if not enough, the group proceeded further to plan the September 11th attacks were four United States commercial airlines were hijacked and crashed in different areas within the country leading to the deaths of more than three thousand people and over six thousand casualties. Among the affected places were the twin towers that hosted the world trade center building and the United States department of defense headquarters that is also known as the Pentagon .
As evident from the actual attacks made by this group, any move by the Al- Qaeda poses a threat to the wellness of the citizens of America. Not only did the team focus on killing people, but it also had the department of defense as a target implying that it aimed at weakening the security of the country. In open letter made by Osama bin Laden (Al-Qaeda’s leader) to the USA, he described the group’s motive to stop America from engaging in peace missions in locations where Al-Qaeda or Islamic nations are involved. According to the United States, however, finishing such missions translates to the promotion of terrorism which cannot be tolerated in the country`s aim of supporting peace missions (Michael

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