The Book Thief Analysis

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak presents a magnificent story with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments in which the author captures the reader’s attention until the last chapter. The unusual narrator gives the novel a unique point of view and impressive description of human nature as well the narrator illustrate in a brilliant way the equal qualities of humans. The novel presents the impressive consequences about corrupt power and destruction; however, the significant concept focus on the story around strong women, and particularly the way in which war affects their lives. The novel exposes the pain and suffering experienced by mothers, sisters and daughters; consequently, it represents a break from history which has always…show more content…
Additionally, women have to stay with their children alone and this make the situation even worse because where more people dependent on them “Women with nothing but kids and poverty would come running out and plead with him to paint their blinds.” ( 354). The author in the novel argues that women were alone taking care of money and children.

Women have to worry about the economic situation and deal with pain and preoccupation as well. This connote constant suffering and preoccupation. Women have to work as hard as they can, but at the same time they have worry about their sons, husbands and fathers who were fighting in different fronts. Rosa Huberman, after Hans’s goodbye, did not lose hope; furthermore, she keeps living and praying for him. It was pain about missing but women cannot express at all because more people depend on her, particular their children “The accordion must have ached her, but she remained”(474). The chaos about saying goodbye is tragic and nostalgic women have to life feeling insignificant because they cannot save lives. Rosa’s pain is clear evidence of the torture that women pass through. Zusak asserts with the emotions and the devotion that women feel for their relatives and other who were fighting. Just as losing one closer member was devastating women deal with multiples parting and with tragic news as well, for all this cases death was the carrier “she had see her brother die with
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