The Brady Campaign And The Nra Essay

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EVIDENCE:__________________________________________________________________ The Brady Campaign and the NRA provide evidence from opposing points of view on the success of the Brady Act. The Brady Campaign praises the Brady Act, providing statistics which they feel is hard proof that the Brady Act has reduced gun violence and gun related deaths. The NRA’s evidence paints a different picture. The NRA has provided statistics indicating the Brady Act and waiting periods had no effect on homicide and suicide rates across the country. The NRA firmly believes Instant Check, when used for criminal background checks for firearms purchases, is the leading contributor for the reduction in gun violence. The Brady Campaign reports background checks do work. Their emphasis is pointed towards the permanent revision of the Brady Act enacted in 1998, requiring background checks for all firearms purchases. The Brady Campaign does not highlight the interim period from 1993 to 1998, where five day waiting periods were imposed through the legislation for firearms purchases.
The Brady Campaign does not provide sufficient evidence to support the success of the Brady Act. The Brady Campaign touts the claim that 2.8 million people have been denied access to purchase firearms as a direct result of the Brady Act, according to results from the FBI and NCIS. Unfortunately, no links are provided on their website to point viewers to the evidence of their claim. The Brady Campaign does not focus on

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