The Gun Control Debate Continues Essay

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In today’s society it’s easy to find something in a newspaper, magazine, or on television that portrays the scrutiny of guns in the home. While reading or viewing such opinions it can possibly influence one to see issues in a particular way. It is not my goal to persuade you to lean in a specific direction but to see the issue from different angles. When viewing both arguments you are faced with reflecting on your own opinion and possibly agreeing more firmly with your own choice or changing your outlook and coming across the subject in a new way. According the Cato Institute the Second Amendment to the Constitution reads: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear…show more content…
Presently, the law has been revised so that the background check is instantly completed by gun dealers through a national computer system and there is no longer a waiting period. In general, self-protection measures of different types can be effective, in the sense of reducing the risk of property loss in robberies and confrontational burglaries, compared to doing nothing or cooperating with the offender. Yet the most effective form of self-protection used is a gun. But owning a gun requires that the person be responsible and know the ramifications that encompass such a preference. Guns can be a valuable tool for self-defense and provides a chance for someone to square off with an intruder that has deliberately invaded their space. The image of an unknown criminal breaking into your house is important because it justifies keeping a gun in the home. This means that a gun allows anyone regardless of their statuette or physical health, they to can defend themselves from a criminal no matter how big or strong the criminal may be. Guns can also be a great way to prevent crime. It is likely that gun ownership can cut the rate of violent crimes because a criminal thinks you might be armed, they may be less likely to choose you as a victim. On the reverse when guns are banned, it is likely their will be low gun ownership among law-abiding
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