The Branches Of The Us Government

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Aidan Mahoney
Mr. Boxleitner
AP Government
24 August 2015
The Branches of the US Government
The structure of the United States Government created by the founding fathers is a foundation that holds the country together. It has gathered the trust of the American citizens and used it to make decisions that make America a better nation. The government is made up of three main branches, the Legislative branch, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch. The branches are vital to America 's social and political integrity and the organization is considered one of the most unique forms of government in the world today. The three branches work together to face and solve the problems that confront the nation as a whole. The government changes as …show more content…

This is because the population of the United States has grown, and also because the viewpoints of those populations has changed overtime as different generations come into power that have different ideas for the country. When the government was first founded there was a population of 3,513,183 people in the United States. The government was formed to compensate the growth of the country, but they stopped putting more people into the House when they reached 435 in 1917. If they had continued putting representatives in for every 50,000 people as they were before there would be about 6,000 people in the House. The ratio used to be one representative for every 50,000 citizens, but now it is one for every 710,676 citizen (Members of Congress Questions and Answers). This gives the people less input because there are less representatives to state their opinions. Although more of the representatives are more diverse both by gender and ethnicity.
When first created, the Legislative branch had a lot of power, as a result a system to keep the power in check was created. “no law or resolution can pass without agreement, first of the majority of the people (via the House) and then of the States (represented by the Senate). This complicated Legislative may hinder as well as help” (Hamilton 93). When the Senate comes up with a bill or law it has to be agreed with by the House

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