The Breakfast Club : Movie Analysis

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The word classification has so many different meanings. It could be to divide, or to group. This essay will take a group of completely different people and “classify” them into a family. An example that I will be referring to is the movie, “The Breakfast Club”. A brief summary of this movie would be a group of kids who could not be any different are sharing a detention sentence together with a principle watching over them that they equally dislike. How I am going to correlate this with my family is to compare them with characters from the movie. First off I am going to start with my sister Kayla also known as the brain. In my eyes, the brain is the person with the smarts. The person who can come up with the plan but does not know what to do once it is complete. She relates to Brain Johnson from the movie because she has always been the smarts of the family. She was high honors for the majority of her entire school career, and is now feeling the pressure of it all. She is currently in college finding out who she really is and who she wants to become. In my own eyes, she still does not know what she wants to do and is settling with a major to fill the time. She is going through the motions and is fighting the big battle of becoming an adult. Where do I start with my mother? Is she Claire or is she Allison? I see the basket case being the person who is never content, always looking for something more in life but is slow to succeed. She can never settle with her own decisions

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