The Breathtaking City Of Urbem Hortus

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The breathtaking city of Urbem Hortus is located in the picturesque Pico de las Nieves mountains of spain.We have a very mild climate, with an average of 54°F-84°F normally, making it easy to grow and with much warmer winters than other places, so we can use our solar panels all year long It is very easy to grow here as we have a climate that isn 't too cold or for the plants, but sometimes a little warm, and it stays stable throughout the year. We are protected from any floodwaters and have many places to build. We maximise our space by being able to build up, down and sideways on the mountain, getting a lot more space than we would have if it was just a plain old plain.Occasionally we are able to find some ores, and we use those to …show more content…

But, Incase it doesn 't we supply a little bit of energy so they can reach the top. Something we created our self is the Storii. It uses neuro sensors and a comprehensive database to find the perfect things to entertain you in your current mood and mindset, be it books, movies, TV or video games. We also made many improvements to neurosensors providing a telekinetic effect on certain things with an expensive microschio that reacts with the neurosensor that all citizens carry. This small sensor has replaced phones and was created in partnership with Apple, Android, Microsoft and other top line electronics manufacturers. It comes with a virtual assistant that can help you with nearly everything. The sensor is helpful because you have an option to have the programming put inside your body and accessed with a single thought, and it can help you with anything you do, like give you information about something you see, including nature. Have you ever been out in the wilderness and see a tree and just wondered what it was? The sensor can help you with that, using it 's nearly limitless resources and data that 's even accessible without wifi. Another thing is that our entire city is hooked up to wifi, and precise location services, making it impossible to get lost. The sensors hook up to this wifi and can also use cellular data, all free of charge, making it easy to use these anywhere. Our city is full of amazing new things, but sometimes the most difficult problems can be

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