How Humans Affect The Alpine Biome

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Introduction The alpine biome is a biome high in the mountains with trees, rivers, lakes and etc. This the biome where the Himalayas, the Rockies, the Andes, and even Mount Everest! But now because of human actions, some animals are now endangered. You will learn a lot about the alpine when you finish reading this.

Location and Climate

The climate is fairly dry in the alpine biome. The average precipitation in the alpine biome each year is 12 inches (30cm) each year. In summer the temperature is 40 to 60f (4.5 to 15.5c). While in winter the temperatures are below freezing.

Plants and Animals Do to the cold climate most plants are tiny ground cover plants, which grow and reproduce with not a lot of haste. They shield themselves from the cold and wind by hugging close to the ground. Some of
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Avalanches are probably, the biggest danger to, plants, animals, and humans that live in the alpine biome.They will always kill some plants and animals, but sometimes they can also kill humans.

How Humans Affect the Alpine Biome
Humans affect the alpine biome in both, good and bad ways.
They make conservation acts and zoos. But humans also poach in the alpine biome which has made some animals endangered. Humans can make the conservation acts more stricter so that less and less people poach. That is why I think humans affect the alpine biome in both good and bad ways.

The alpine biome is a beautiful biome that is very important on earth. Some of the most famous sites are in the alpine biome, including Mount Everest. But now humans poach in the alpine biome, so now lots of animals are endangered. Even though the hard climate causes problems, plants, animals and humans survive in the alpine
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