The Bright Radish Greenhouse Experiment : How Does Different Colors Of Light Affect The Growth Of Radishes?

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The Vibrant Radish Greenhouse experiment

Problem: How does different colors of light affect the growth of radishes?

Background: The wavelength of light is the distance between the crest to crest, or trough to trough. Studies have shown that red lights incident absorbed the most after the reflected light was absorbed into the plant 's chloroplasts. This led me to choose the color of red for the cellophane which I thought would be the best choice

Hypothesis: If the cellophane color is red, then the radishes would most likely grow the most. Recently, I had read an article on how different colored light affect plant growth. Red supposedly released some substance that improved the growth of the plant.

Explanation to our experiment: To test our hypothesis, we made greenhouses and we grew radishes under it. To make different colors of light affect the growth, we wrapped colored cellophane around the greenhouses so when the sun’s rays strike the greenhouse (passing through because it’s translucent) they will carry the color. The method which we measure the group was by mass and height. However with the problem that measuring the mass of the radish would take pulling out its roots, we only measured on the last day. Our height was measured throughout each of our three days of measuring and the greenhouse with the best radishes (mass and heightwise) would be concluded as the result.

Materials: Cellophane, 3 Long and Thick Straws, 6 thin and long straws, 6 Pipe Cleaners, 4

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