Are Green Leafy Vegetables Higher In Light-Colored Counterparts?

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Question:Are dark green leafy vegetables higher in vitamin C than their lighter colored counterparts?

Purpose:To determine if Darker vegetables have more vitamin C than lighter ones.

Hypothesis:I think Darker green vegetables have more vitamin C than lighter green vegetables because that is probably what enhances their color and makes them darker.Another reason this is my hypothesis is that

Variables: independent variable- is how much substance is put in each test tube. controlled(constant)variable-how much iodine is put in each substance,the amount of pulp used each time,and the amount of cornstarch and water. dependent variable- the change of the color of the substance

Dark Green, Leafy Veggies- Spinach, Broccoli
Light Green
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Result and discussion:
My hypothesis was wrong as I found out after the experiment that it was infact the lighter colored green veggies that had more vitamin C than the dark ones.So if you had to pick between the two I would suggest the lighter colored ones as they have more Vitamin C which is good for nutritional value.You had to add more drops of iodine to the light veggie pulps until it turned dark purple.The dark green veggies took a less amount of drops of iodine until it turned dark purple as well.

“Eat of the good things which We have provided for you.” (Quran 2:172) “Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth.” (Quran
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The purpose of this experiment was to determine if darker green veggies have more same amount of vitamin C as the lighter ones.This is useful in our daily lives because if we were to buy veggies we should know that although you are gaining almost the same nutritional value taking the one with more vitamin C is better,because vitamin C is good for you it also protects you from cardiovascular,stroke,and improves your eye health,and keeps your body strong even as you grow older.My hypothesis was wrong,as in the beggining I thought darker ones had more vitamin C.I was proven wrong in my experiment as it turned out lighter green veggies had more vitamin C.To do this experiment all you need is a blender,a stove,light green veggies,dark green veggies,dropper,little tubes,and your iodine indicator.To make your iodine indicator all you need is 1 teaspoon of cornstarch some water,then add a cup of boiled water to the mixture,and finally just put in iodine until it turns a shade of dark purple.Our controlled variable is how much iodine is put in each substance,the amount of pulp used each time,and the amount of cornstarch and water,the independant variable is how much pulp is put in each test tube.The dependant is how many drops of iodine is needed to turn the substance to a dark shade of purple.The results were the same even when I tried different kinds of veggies,which supports the fact that lighter green veggies have more vitamin C.The next time I do this experiment I will have
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