Essay on The Brighton Bomber

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The Brighton Bomber Patrick Magee attempted to kill the former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet in 1984. He did this during the Conservative party’s annual conference. He planted a bomb at the Grand Hotel in Brighton which the Conservative party were staying at. The bomb left five people dead and another 34 injured, miraculously. the Prime Minister and the cabinet managed to escape. Magee had stayed at the hotel before the Conservative party conference and planted a bomb in the room that Margaret Thatcher was later going to be staying in. He had stayed in the hotel three weeks before the bombing under the false name of Roy Walsh. Sussex police traced and eliminated 800 people from…show more content…
The IRA is prepared to give up their weapons in return for all their prisoners being released. However the release of any individual who has committed murder is bound to cause controversy. Magee committed the crime because he was part of the IRA. He joined the IRA because his father had been killed by loyalist policemen. He joined to get revenge for his fathers death and because his farther was also in the IRA. The IRA stands for a united Ireland. They are Republicans and want both North and South Ireland to join to form one independent country. The IRA(Irish Republican Army) are remembered for the Remembrance day bombing in 1987 which left 11 people dead and 63 injured, shown in source 16. They are also remembered for the Omagh bombing of 1998 which left 28 dead and around 220 injured, shown in source 19. Another act they are remembered for is the bombing of Canary Wharf which killed 3, shown in source 17. The IRA hated the Thatcher government because they had taken away the political status of the IRA prisoners. This meant they were treated like any other criminal and had to do everything that a normal criminal would have to do. Margaret Thatcher said “There is no such thing as political murder, political bombing or political violence. We will not compromise on this. There will be no political status.” The prisoners went on strike because of this. They held hunger
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