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The Brown-Forman Corporation is one of America’s largest producers and distributors of spirits and wines; selling to state governments, retailers, and wholesalers. Founded in 1870 in Louisville, Kentucky by George Garvin Brown, the company provides comprehensive industry services that span the expanse of manufacturing, marketing, bottling, importing and exporting, and sales of alcoholic beverages. The majority of their brands are globally recognized such as Jack Daniel's, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodka, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Canadian Mist, Korbel champagne, Chambord and more. Brown-Forman is recognized for its superior products and have traditionally catered to the high-end beverage market.
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To that end they have adopted a two prong approach beginning with renewed marketing approaches to increasing their market presence in the United States while growing the international business at a much more rapid pace. In addition they intend to increase their distribution centers across the globe while increasing their product lines. A recent business analysis pointed to the need for the latter as sales were showing signs of stagnation. Also, Brown-Forman is aggressively pursuing an online presence as another avenue for improving their bottom line.
Their updated mission statement and slogan reflects a renewed outlook for potential sales – building forever. Brown-Forman considers every adult of drinking age to be a possible and probable customer. This mindset underscores the forward-thinking embraced by company principles. As well, Brown-Forman has recently purchased four breweries across the country to support another expansion strategy. The company intends to expand their presence in the ‘beer’ market and will piggyback their promotions on other ‘made in America’ campaigns that have been successful for a plethora of other products in the United States. Finally, certainly one of their most strategic plans is to be in front of the concern for problem drinking by promotion the idea of ‘drinking responsibly’ in all their ads.
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