The Bugatti Thievs Essay

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The Bugatti Thievs There once was a man, his name was Martin. Martin was a very successful salesman at a foreign sports car dealership. He drove a company car, which was a beautiful 2014 orange and black Bugatti. the reason he got to drive this car was because he was the employee of the month. One morning Martin woke up and got ready to go to work. When he went down to his garage He noticed that his Bugatti was gone! So he had to take his personnel car, a 68' Fastback Mustang. he went straight to the police station and reported his car stolen. then he went to work. When he got to work he his boss Steve, noticed the car Martin was driving. " Martin where's the company car you were supposed to bring it in today for inspection" Steve said,…show more content…
so Martin went to the front of the dealership ready for work. He was scanning the sales floor when he spotted a man standing by a emrald green Scion FR-S. Martin walked over to him and said " How can i help you today?" The man replied in a thick Russian accent "Tell me about this car." So Martin started explaing all of it's fetures. After Martin finished the man said,"I'll take it. Do you accept cash." "Sir, this car cost $30,000. Do you really intend to pay cash for it?" "Yes, if you guys accept cash." replied the Russian man. "Yes, yes we do. Do you have all of it today?" Martin said. "I do" the man repalied. "Ok! Let's write up a contract." Martin said So they went to the office and filled out the paper work. After a full day of work Martin went down to the Police station. He wanted to check and see if there was any news on his car. When he arrived at the station he found the police chief and asked "Has there been any news on my car?" The chief replied " I'm sorry, we have had no luck, but we are doing our best. so go home and get some rest." So Martin went home. When he got home, he realized his garage door was open. He went into his garage and found a note foled over on the floor he picked it up and read it. It read "You have one hour to get 4 billion dollars and transfer it into the bank acount written below. If you dont get it done i will blow your car into a million peices!"
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