The Business At International Level

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ABSTRACT Any company who wants to expand globally and to increase their trade at international must have to face certain challenges related to certain issues such as Economic, political, cultural, and social. The main drivers for expanding the business at international level is increase in the overall growth opportunities rise in the profitability, access to material and human resources and finally innovation. INTRODUCTION Company overview Andy’s Parties is a new and growing company offering theme parties at their Party Center, clients’ homes and approved venues. They have been in business since 2004 and recently begin considering expansion options through opening more company-owned locations or offering a franchise program. Their …show more content…

Starting with the economic issue, first important point to discuss is about the human resources and the skills of the human resource. It is the biggest economic challenge because in case human resources are not well trained and skilful in organising the theme parties, then the company need to spend more amount in search of the skilled labour force. They might also need to import the labour from other countries. The cultures of the country will also have a great impact on the growth and development of the business because of the competition face in the new environment. (Andrew J. Sherman, 2014) Another important economic aspect of the setting up of the business is the imposition of tariff and tax rates on the exports and imports and the government fiscal policies. If the country where we are planning to set up our business has high tax rates, then it will be difficult for our company. This is because we would face the problem of high cost and hence there will less sale in the form of exports of goods to another country. The companies’ procedures should be very clearly set and there should be awareness among the employees regarding outstanding work and other punitive measures for bad performance. There should be encouragement of team work where the roles of the employees should be clearly divided in each project and there should be allotment of one leader who supervises his team closely. In this way, it is best procedure to motivate the employees with

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