The Business Intelligence And Analytic Leaders First 100 Days Summary

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The article by Chandler (2015) “The Business Intelligence and Analytics Leader 's First 100 Days” hit a cord with me after a talk with a friend of mine who was just added to the BI team at his company. The new BI director at my friend’s company could have used this article to help him with his new role of BI director. My friend’s boss came in with prebaked ideas and thought he knew what the company needed from the BI department, but after 380 days the department is still feeling its way around in the dark.

The article breaks down five tasks that a new BI leader should be performed during his/her first 100 days at the helm of the department. The tasks that are to be performed are Prepare, Assess, Plan, Act and Measure. The tasks have some overlap within the 100 day period to help move the process along and provide the ability to adjust during the 100 day period.

Chandler actually suggests that the new BI leader start the Prepare step prior to the first 100 days at the helm. Before taking on the new role, the new BI leader should talk with key players in the company to get a feel for what is expected and to setup the first set of meetings and discussions with his/her boss, sponsors, the stakeholders and other key players. On day 0 to day 15 the BI leader should be getting the lay of the land of the BI environment as it sits currently. He/she should also solidify their role and responsibilities as the new BI leader and meet with the sponsor, stakeholders and key

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