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Marketing is everywhere. It can be seen in all forms of media. Advertisements are plastered all over the internet, they are constantly on television, and heard on the radio. It is impossible to escape the constant pressure from businesses promoting themselves and their products. On the business side of things, advertising is extremely competitive. Good marketing can give a business an edge over their competition. To become the best in marketing, use well thought out strategies, know the targeted customers, and use the most cost-effective medium for the situation.
Marketing strategies vary greatly. Although there is no strategy that will fit every business’s needs, there are some guidelines to follow. Before doing anything, make a set of goals within a timeframe. Here is an example:
“In one year we want to:
1. Communicate the existence of Speedo soap to the approximately fifteen million consumers of liquid washing detergent.
2. Inform at least 50 percent of those consumers that Speedo is a high-quality, competitively priced product that will allow them to wash their clothes more thoroughly at little or no extra cost.
3. Convince at least 40 percent of that 50 percent to actually purchase a trial size of the product at a local retailer (Pattis, 1995, p. 81).”
By setting goals similar to what is seen in the example, it is much easier to have a successful ad campaign. Goals give a direction in the early development stages of making an ad. As the ad development progresses it is

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