The Business of ShareAll

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1. Business objectives of ShareAll:

* Increase public awareness of the services ShareAll is providing;
* Motivate people to participate more actively in collaborative consumption.

In conclusion, the ultimate goal of a for-profit ShareAll company is to increase the number of players and their activity that will subsequently result in higher profit compared to the one, the company generated prior to gamifying its system.

2. Delineate target behaviors
The first target behavior the company wants to encourage (which is related to its objective of raising public awareness) is to see more people joining ShareAll by creating their accounts. The metric that will allow us to measure this behavior is pretty obvious - the number of created and existing accounts.
Besides that, the company should strive, on the one hand, to motivate players to share more products (cars, houses, etc.) and on the other hand, to use shared items more frequently. This behavior corresponds to the company's objective of motivating people to participate more actively in collaborative consumption. In this case, the metric that will be used for measurement is the number of matched deals that the system has generated by bringing sellers and buyers together.
Lastly, ShareAll will aim at encouraging players to generate, trade, and spend more Shares which is directly connected with the company's goal of profit maximization. The metric that will be used in this case is the number of generated/traded/spent Shares

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