The Calais Migrant Crisis : The Rhetoric Used By The British Media

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The Calais Migrant Crisis: the rhetoric used by the British media
This essay critically analyses the rhetoric used by the media in the United Kingdom over the Calais migrant crisis, and the repercussions this can have on society. The essay will explore how the narratives told by the media influence the perceptions of people on migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers through discourse analysis. The Calais migrant camp, or the “jungle”, as it is known worldwide has been a centre hub for thousands of migrants trying to cross the Channel in hope of pursuing a better life in the United Kingdom. Across the Middle East, millions of families and unaccompanied minors have fled their homes due to war, persecution, and natural disasters, with thousands setting up camp in Calais.
The Calais migrant crisis has divided the perceptions of people in the United Kingdom, with various newspapers creating negative stereotypes of the migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. This can be understood by (Fairclough, 2014), who argues the perspectives and ideology in the British media are overwhelmingly in favour of existing power-holders, like governmental figures and the upper class. Connections between language and power in the media can be revealed through discourse analysis. It can be argued that discourse analysis can help reveal some of the hidden and out of sight values, perspectives and positions (Paltridge, 2012). This can be echoed by (Rogers, 2004, pg.6) who says: “discourses

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