The California Gold Rush

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California, the place to turn cant’s into can’s and dreams into plans. The same situation and scenarios apply to today and even over one hundred and sixty five years ago. Then and now are not so different, people are thriving or failing from the land of plenty, supplying themselves with knowledge, wealth, or skill to either spread their wings and take flight or crash and burn. Each state in the United States of America has a correlating nickname to either why it’s famous or an explanation of its history. California’s state name is The Golden State, and going all the way back to 1849 is why this was such an influential time for California and all of America. This is the period of the Gold Rush. Reasons why this event was so impeccable, to the development of California, are the years leading up to the discovery, the first findings, the journey, and so much more. Americans, inspired by the idea of manifest destiny meaning it was their God given right to rule the entire, mass, amount of land from ocean to ocean. Thanks to this vision it quickly sent current land occupiers, Californios or Mexico, and the United States in two completely different directions. In 1846, Mexican soldiers rose up against United States forces. On May 31, 1846 President James K. Polk declared war. A small California Republic, The Bear Flag Revolt, seized Sonoma for naval forces to occupy in hopes of wining the war. The Mexican War didn’t bring about much fighting just a hot potato game of territory
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