The Call Reflection

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I really enjoyed reading The Call. I was able to reflect on the message Mr. Guinness was speaking of his message was stimulating and educative and clear for the reader to understand. I have learned a lot from this material and will recommend reading it to my ladies group at church. I have almost read the book twice, but got caught up in Hurricane Irma and trying to get all of my work turned in that I had to put it off. My 26 reactions to The Call are as follows 1- The call is the truth that God calls us to himself is decisively that everything we are, everything we do, and everything we have is invested with a special devotion and dynamism lived out as a response to his summons and service (The Call, page 4). 2- When something more than human seeking is needed if seeking is to be satisfied, then calling means that seekers themselves are sought (The Call, page 10). 3- The notions of calling or vocation are vital to each of us because it touches on the modern search for a basis for individual identity and an understanding of humanness itself (The Call, page 20). 4- Our primary calling as followers of Christ is by him, to him, and for him. Our secondary calling, considering who God is as sovereign, is that everyone, everywhere, and in everything should think, speak, live, and act entirely for him (The Call, page 31). 5- We are not called first to special work but to God. The key to answering the call is to be devoted to no one and to nothing above God himself (The Call,

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