The Canadian Health Care System

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Introduction “Medicare is a Canadian success story. Not perfect, but good enough to be envied by much of the world.” — H.L. Mencken The birth of Medicare was in Saskatchewan on July 1, 1962. Medicare was the first government controlled, comprehensive, universal single payer medical insurance plan in Canada. Many insurance industries and all the medical institutions were against the idea of having Medicare. They feared that Medicare will become popular and will spread across the globe. Once the plan was successful all of Canada was protected by a medical insurance system that was based on the Saskatchewan plan and no politician would be allowed to openly oppose it. In addition, the Canadian health care system is a group of socialized health insurance plan that covers the medical costs of all Canadian citizens. The Canadian health care system is publicly subsidized and overseen on a Provincial and or territorial basis, within guidelines set by the Federal government. Canadian citizens are protected under the health care system, for their medical treatments from primary care physicians, access to hospitals, and additional medical services. Every Canadian citizen qualifies for health care coverage regardless of their income, lifestyle, and medical history. Although Canadians are protected for a portion of their health care there are still many services that are not protected under the health care system, such as dental services, prescription medication, and optometrists.

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