The Canadian Health Policy Within The Medical Care Act Essay

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In 1966 the Liberal Party of Canada under Lester B Pearson’s control released a universal health policy within the Medical Care Act. Which began the structure that Canada knows as a ‘free’ basic health care to all Canadian citizens (Canadian Museum of History, 2010). Over the years, this universal health policy has undergone much controversy on whether or not it works. Canada 's population is vastly growing, with many citizens needing different types of care, the country does not have a strict plan for dealing with the increasing need for health care. The Canadian Healthcare system heads in a downhill spiral as seen in Canadas growing population, outdated health care system, health cutbacks increase, a rise in wait times and Canadians are finding treatment abroad. Firstly, Canadas growing population is one of the reasons that the Canadian Healthcare system is heading in a downhill spiral, back in 1966 when the Universal Health Policy was introduced; Canada had an estimated 19,867,272 citizens. Fifty years later, that population had more than doubled at about 36,134,016 citizens (Statistics Canada, 2016). Canada 's population growth is at the highest out of all the G7 countries as Canada is up 1.2% from last year, or about 437,815 new Canadian citizens through childbirth and immigration (Statistics Canada, 2016). Over those fifty years, a lot changed such as different demographic, social and medical needs. However, how much has the Universal Health Policy evolved over those

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