The Canterbury Tales Test And Work On French

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Mr. Priest started off class today, October 26, by telling us that the Serial paper was on hold, but that we had a different kind of paper to turn in, an iSearch. Thank goodness the Serial paper is on hold, otherwise I would be extremely stressed out. This iSearch paper needs to be a personal paper and I really hate those. Oh wait, this might actually be interesting. What could I look into that actually peaks my curiosity? Maybe why a human might kill another. That could be interesting, but then again murders usually have motives and motives are a type of answer. What about a question of, are humans the only animals that have morals that they follow and if so why? No, too bland and I am not really interested in that. Well, guess I will study for The Canterbury Tales test and work on French. It is now the day after The Canterbury Tales test and I am really hating this paper, I have no idea what to look into, I am just way too indecisive. I wish I could just choose a topic and stick with it. On Schoology, criticism was recommended as my topic; however, I am not sure if I would truly know how to narrow that topic, gather information about it, and keep it personal. Alright, I think I found my topic of interest: cancer and/or chemotherapy. I wrote a paper about how chemotherapy works in 10th grade and was genuinely intrigued. In that paper, I wrote a little about how cancer does not just affect the patients, but also the doctors who treat them. I want to dig deeper into that

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