The Captivity Of Wild Animals

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The captivity of wild animals has been a highly debated topic for many years. Zoos and aquariums are huge attractions and can be found all over the world. Movies such as Black Fish and Unlocking the Cage showcase some of the troubling behaviors animals in captivity portray. Advocates for animal rights can use these movies to push their agenda and people who oppose these films say they are forms of propaganda. The fact of the matter is that it does not matter what side of the argument that you are on it cannot be denied that these moves spark mass discussion. The question can be asked are animals places on this earth for our amusement and entertainment or they here that we may cohabit with all aspects of life. Science has proven that some animals have shown signs of distress while being in captivity. Animals have been known to control and also are able to modify their environment. An important part in doing that, animals exhibit normal behavior. Animals that are being held in captive environments may see changes in their normal behavior that can be a result from extreme amounts of stress. When animals start to exhibit behaviors that are considered abnormal it can be thought that the animals are unable to adjust their behavior. So what affects could captive animals have on experiments; validity, reliability, and replicability. Validity can be affected when researchers introduce abnormal animals into the experiment. When introducing these abnormal individuals the variation of
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