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Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work - Aristotle

True to the words of Aristotle, I made the decision to establish a career for myself in the field of technology where my strongest penchant lies. Right from my schooling, I loved computer based projects, working dedicatedly to discover the field and its rich technicalities. The most impressive aspect of the field is programming and coding, which I discovered for the first time through basic coding in C during school. From then on, I have been an avid programmer, utilizing every opportunity that comes my way to innovate and experiment. I have written codes for simple programs in school and designed complex projects based on programming in college. After 4.5 years of professional …show more content…

Basic courses like Computer Programming, Principle of Programming Language, Object Oriented Programming laid the foundation for me to cultivate an advanced knowledge in the field. Having a strong foundation helped me in coping up with highly technical and challenging courses such as Computer Architecture, Compiler Construction and so on.

Moreover, as a practice oriented person, I had a natural inclination toward the practical sessions. When it came to programming, I was often found experimenting with algorithms and innovatively worked to bring out the best output. I enjoyed all the programming language lab sessions, including Web programming, C, C++, etc. Considering programming as my forte, I ultimately chose a project that required strong programming skills as well.

My final year project, Network Management was based on networking and the process involved in it. In a scenario of multiple systems with one network, we aimed at monitoring and controlling the various processes in all the systems. Ours was the only project based on Networking and involved a fully operating computer network. As part of the project, I developed my acumen in running a computer network, a LAN connecting on LAN and with each other.

As a unique project, it involved a lot of innovation and challenges. With a team of ……. students, I was able to work through the technical glitches and setbacks to fabricate a successful project.

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