The Career Of Being A Lawyer

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I am majoring in history and getting a minor in political science and am looking at the career of being a lawyer. The reason why I chose this profession is because of the ability to aid those in need and try to make a difference through the practice of law. There are many positive things about this career that I look forward to. Being a lawyer involves working with and representing people from businesses, huge corporations, individuals, and many others on legal things. They usually work for private legal firms and in offices but there are many different kinds of lawyers. Some of the types are criminal, tax, environmental, family related, and many other types, but most lawyers deal with legal services. Different types of lawyers do different things pertaining to what type of work they are involved with. Depending on the type of lawyer they are, they will have various duties. Some of those duties involve communicating, advising, and advocating their clients. The job is trying to better the law profession and legal services by using different technologies available to them. They can do this by using different technologies to transform written law to online text, when they do that they will be able to better use client portals and other developments to replace some of the work, also they will be able to advance their collaboration software and technology. These things will benefit the profession of being a lawyer and those in need of help from them. The transfer of laws from

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